It is generally accepted in our society that we get along well together when we follow certain established rules, or laws.  These laws dictate the basic boundaries that an individual may not cross when living among society, and are designed to help keep members of the society safe and happy.  When an individual breaks the law it is essentially determined that he has demonstrated he cannot be trusted among society.  This results in a justice action wherein the individual is often removed from the society.

While an individual’s removal from society after breaking a law does seem perfectly logical, the bottom line is that it alone is not directed at solving the problem so the individual is willing, in the future, to follow the law and contribute to society.  In most cases, society is temporarily relieved of their presence, and it is hoped that time in an institution will cause the individual to reconsider their future actions.  Unfortunately, many individuals continue to commit criminal acts upon their return to society, indicating that time spent in an institution is not sufficient to help them restructure their life and actions.

About Criminon

Criminon is an international, non-profit organization that seeks to help individuals address the underlying causes of criminal behavior and give them the tools they need to become productive, ethical citizens.  Criminon provides education, life-skills and re-entry programs to parolees, probationers and prison inmates so that they can actually solve the root problems that drove them into criminal activity in the first place.

The Criminon program has successfully helped individuals in countries around the world gain both the confidence and the skills they needed in order to return to society as productive and successful citizens.  Any success rate would be applaudable, but the Executive Director of Criminon in Lafayette, Louisiana, Cheryl Troxclair, has recently reported that they have seen no less than an eighty percent success rate with probationers who have participated in the Criminon program.  A local judge has been referring all probationers to Troxclair and Criminon Lafayette, where they complete the entire program, which includes studying The Way to Happiness booklet.  This non-religious, commonsense moral guide provides individuals with twenty-one easy-to-understand and apply precepts that can easily bring about wonderful changes in the individual’s life.

Probationers who are participating in the Criminon program pay for their study materials and consult with Troxclair weekly to discuss their progress through the program.  Since 2008, eighty percent of the forty students that have worked through this program have successful stayed out of trouble with the justice system, a great win for both the individuals themselves as well as Troxclair, Criminon and The Way to Happiness.