While few people may actually consider it this way, the fact is that childhood can be quite a trying time. These young individuals’ bodies and minds are in a constant state of change, and they can find that their desired paths in life are constantly blocked by restrictions due to their age. It is with continued guidance, encouragement and support that such an individual can make it through the challenges of childhood, adolescence and early adulthood and embark upon a productive and healthy future.

Good Choices and a Stronger Family

It comes as no surprise at all that many of the good choices in life are not the “easy” choices. In fact, some of the good choices one may make in their life can be the most difficult of all, requiring patience and persistence. However, if one understands the value in making good choices, they are more likely to do so. And in so doing, they are benefitting those around them.

Imagine a family that is torn apart by a child’s dishonesty. The child has encountered some difficulty in their life-perhaps they feel out of place with their peers because they don’t have the latest trends in clothing. However, they don’t know how to resolve this situation on their own, and they don’t feel connected enough with family members to help. So they make a choice, solving the problem in the only way they know how: stealing clothes from the store. They are arrested and end up in juvenile detention. The family responds in shock, further driving the child away from them by expressing their disappointment with them. They may chastise the child for stealing, telling them that it’s “bad”, but they are still not teaching him how to make good choices. It is safe to say that some children in such a situation would continue to build their life on bad choices, having no other option, which would continue to drive a wedge between them and their family members.

Another example is a family that is torn apart by a child’s drug use. The child may have determined on their own that some aspect of their life was too difficult to face without help, and without the sort of moral support they need to make good choices they determined that drug use was an acceptable solution. However, drug use can quickly escalate into drug abuse and addiction, and a family can be utterly destroyed by the dishonesty, fear, anger and hopelessness brought about by a loved one’s drug problems.

Surprisingly enough, it can actually be quite simple to teach kids how to make good choices. They are normally ready and willing to receive guidance and support from their family members and other trusted individuals, like teachers. Given the right information regarding one’s life choices and the value of making good choices, most children would be able to easily see how the right choices can lead to healthy, happy and productive lives. Obviously, this can make for a stronger family group as their choices affect their family as well, by extension.

Building a Stronger Society

When one considers the many things that plague our current society, it is important to take a look at how simple education may be able to help address and put an end to these things. The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, which makes it even more vitally important to ensure that they are well-educated in all aspects of life and livingness. Those who feel that shortcuts and “easy outs” are available and acceptable are less likely to help raise the level of society, while those who have learned to value of making good choices are better able to see how each choice they make affects others around them.

The Way to Happiness has several precepts that can help to teach kids how to make good choices. Check out our commonsense guide now and find out how you can help.