Applied Scholastics International is a nonprofit educational organization that was founded in 1972 by a group of American educators.  Their vision is to free the world from the problem of illiteracy and raise educational standards, empowering individuals with the breakthrough educational technology that was researched and developed by L. Ron Hubbard to improve their lives, achieve their goals and build a new, stronger civilization founded upon knowledge and understanding.

The Applied Scholastics group makes L. Ron Hubbard’s educational technology available worldwide, with the help of more than seven hundred sixty affiliates.  This system of studying was founded on decades of both personal experience and research and over one hundred thousand educators and twenty-eight million students benefit from this technology in over seventy different nations around the world.  L. Ron Hubbard determined that men were as able in their fields of work as they were able to learn and know, so it was therefore quite vital that they have a workable system of learning that would enable them to truly understand and apply whatever they were studying.  The educational technology he developed can be used in any sort of educational activity, and it can not only provide the individual with a stable foundation for their education but also enhance all their educational efforts.

Applied Scholastics can provide educators with training and materials in L. Ron Hubbard’s educational technology, which has been widely tested and proven to be exceedingly successful with all students, no matter their age, educational setting or culture.  It has literally salvaged millions of lives, and the expansion of its use can lead to a world that is free from illiteracy and where any individual can truly master any subject and achieve their full potential.

Celebrating Education

Recently, Applied Scholastics International celebrated its 40th Anniversary. The Spanish Lake International Training Center in St. Louis, Missouri was the site of the celebration, and it was attended by opinion leaders and dignitaries, as well as educators, from all over the world.  It was a celebration of the success of effective education through using L. Ron Hubbard’s wonderful educational technology.  It was also a time to consider future successes in moving this technology into even more schools in even more countries, so more students can also benefit from studying for true understanding and application.