The Way to Happiness booklet contains twenty-one non-religious precepts that form a commonsense moral code anyone can apply to literally any situation in life.  In many situations, individuals are struggling to find the complex solutions to complex problems and meeting with failure.  Oftentimes the best solutions are also the simplest solutions, and great changes in the conditions of people and society can be brought about through basic actions.  In fact, chapter sixteen of The Way to Happiness points out that, “The way to happiness is a high road when it includes industriousness that leads to tangible production.”

Boosting Morale

One’s morale is essentially one’s confidence, temperament and disposition.  One can easily see examples around them where high morale leads to greater happiness, success and satisfaction in life.  So how does one boost morale?  By boosting one’s activity and production.  Consider for a moment that one sits still, doing nothing for an entire hour.  Chances are that the hour will not only drag by, but that by the end of the hour the individual will feel quite sullen.  Then consider that one stays busy for an entire hour–talking with friends, cleaning the house, reading a good book, going for a walk or some other thing.  Chances are that the hour will not only fly by, but that the individual will feel happier by the end of that hour.  Activity and production has boosted his morale.

The unemployment rate in Israel currently sits at just below six percent, while the unemployment rate in Palestine currently sits at about twenty-two and a half percent in the West Bank and just below twenty-eight percent in Gaza.  It is safe to assume that greater morale among the people of these two nations can likely be achieved by boosting their productivity, and perhaps even their economic cooperation.

New Generation Technology is a company located in the city of Nazareth, which encourages, supports and invests in scientists in researchers so that they can create innovation-based businesses that are focused in the life sciences and medical devices fields.  So far, New Generation Technology has successfully helped to establish eighteen companies.  Founder Davidi Gilo says that while there are currently many companies that appear to have a blend of Jewish and Arabic employees, the fact is that many of these companies are owned by Jews and staffed by Arabs.  New Generation Technology, on the other hand, establishes a true partnership between Jewish and Arab businessmen, who are all board members and who have all invested the same amount of money in the company.

Asal Technologies is another company seeking to bring Arabs and Jews together peacefully by building their production and their morale.  Instead of outsourcing their computer coding and programming jobs to India and China, Asal Technologies provides their Israeli neighbors with Palestinian engineers.  Jonathan Levy, the general manager for Israeli-based company Winbond, feels that hiring a Palestinian engineer is actually better, because Palestinians can speak the same language, understand the culture and meet tight deadlines.

Stef Wertheimer is one of the wealthiest businessmen in Israel, and he believes that economic prosperity in Israel and Palestine may actually lead to peace in the region.  To this end, he established an industrial park that is home to high-quality schools and helps stimulate business ventures and creativity.  Jews, Arabs and Druze individuals all work side by side to realize common goals, setting aside all other things.  Wertheimer points out that people working together are satisfied and engaged in production, working with each other instead of against one another.  This may just be the solution the area has long needed, and desperately.