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The Way to Happiness is most effective when placed directly into the hands of each individual one wishes to help. However, depending on the specific individual himself, the exact version of this moral code you place in their hands can matter greatly. Following is a brief description of each version, and who it may be best suited for:

  • The Way to Happiness Children’s Activity Book
    Obviously, this book is best suited for use with young children. This could mean one’s own children, one’s students or even a friend’s children. This book makes a great gift, with forty-four pages of games, puzzles and facts about the twenty-one different rules a child can apply to live a happy life, and bring happiness to the lives of others.
  • The Way to Happiness Custom Cover Editions
    The Way to Happiness is truly meant to be a gift to mankind, for use by anyone and everyone, and to that end the cover of the book itself can be customized with a four-color glossy cover in order to truly make it individualized to oneself, one’s business or one’s group.
  • The Way to Happiness Public Service Announcement DVD
    This DVD is a collection of twenty-one audio-visual portrayals of the twenty-one principles that make up The Way to Happiness. Many of these portrayals can be easily understood by adults and children alike, though one may desire to preview the entire DVD prior to showing it to young children.
  • Reprint License
    For a small royalty fee of $0.10 per book, you can obtain a license to print and sell The Way to Happiness to others.  The license is very simple to obtain – you simply enter the amount of books you wish to reprint, multiply it by $0.10/book, download the license form, fill it out and mail it to The Way to Happiness Foundation International at 201 E. Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205.
  • The Way to Happiness Standard Edition
    Standard editions of The Way to Happiness are available in bundles of 12 for only $18, and are available in one hundred seventeen different languages.

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