Those who understand that society must depend for much of its strength on the goodwill and honesty of others also understand that it is the dishonesty and unkindness of others that can greatly affect their own health and happiness. Therefore it follows that increasing happiness for oneself includes reaching out to help others, and to help arrest the moral decline of society in general. The purpose of The Way to Happiness is to help individuals improve the morality and condition of society by applying some common-sense principles that guide one to better living. Of course this can only work if individuals spread the power of this book to others, which is done primarily through various outreach programs and campaigns.

The Way to Happiness Foundation has designed specific programs, with kits and easy-to-follow steps that allow anyone to help guide others into happier, healthier lives. Some of these kits include:

  • The Restoring Self-Respect Resource Kit—for use by correctional officers and counselors. This kit is designed to help these professionals restore trust, respect and honesty among those they serve.

TWTH Educational Kit Items

  • The Educator’s Resource Kit—for use by teachers who can teach the basic, common-sense principles outlined in The Way to Happiness.

The Way to Happiness can also be used in a variety of ways to help improve the lives of individuals in a variety of situations, such as:

  • An employee program—for use by employers to help improve morale, productivity and overall employee attitudes.
  • A police program—for use by police officers to help reduce instances of crime and violence in their communities.
  • A crisis program—for use by any who seek to calm down areas that are being ravaged by war or turmoil.
  • A government program—for use by governmental officials so that every citizen, no matter their race, color, creed or religion, can adhere to a basic moral code that promotes peace and happiness.
  • A community program—for use by communities in order to create safer environments and neighborhoods and to better help community youth get a good start in their lives.
  • A parent program—for use by parents who want to raise their children well and with the knowledge of basic common-sense values.
  • A teenager program—for use by teenagers who want help in making good friends and good moral decisions for their life and future.

Recent Campaigns

In addition to specific kits and programs that use The Way to Happiness, individuals are encouraged to spearhead their own campaigns that spread knowledge of this powerful book. A couple more recent campaigns include spreading the word through art, and over the air.

For a billboard contest, fine artist Bula Barua designed sixty digital composites for LED billboard displays, and each one represents a precept from The Way to Happiness. Her designs won the contest and her billboards were on display in 2012 from September 29th through October 26th. Additionally, Bula distributed more than one hundred thousand of her custom-cover The Way to Happiness books to Atlanta residents. That was enough to reach nearly one-fourth the total Atlanta population, and to make a significant impact on a city that is well-known for being dangerous.

Rwandan radio host Theogene received a copy of The Way to Happiness from someone who was on a campaign to change and improve the lives of individuals in prison. After reading the booklet himself, Theogene was able to use the principles to improve his poor relationship with his father. Then, having experienced the life-changing benefits for himself, Theogene decided to spread the news about The Way to Happiness to others, holding a forty-five minute radio broadcast every Sunday to discuss the booklet since August 2009. Each broadcast discusses one precept in the booklet, and reaches roughly two million listeners.

Bula and Theogene are just two of many individuals who have discovered the power of The Way to Happiness and who have chosen to spread this power to others. Many more individuals and groups are doing the same, and as a result society will continue to spread the benefits of this wonderful little booklet.

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