Ideas can be incredibly powerful-and the things that decisions and actions are based upon. Those individuals who work hard to spread powerful messages to others are simply capitalizing upon this fact, but they cannot do it alone.  Most people understand that a message is only as powerful as it is spread to and understood by others.  This requires, of course, that individuals understand that about which the message is trying to communicate.

Individuals who cannot see or recognize the problems that are occurring around them in society are obviously less likely to take action in helping to address and resolve these problems.  It then falls to the few, who are aware of these less-than-ideal situations, to try and shoulder the burden of repairing the damages that wreak havoc on our world.

The truth is that while one man can have a wonderful vision, it is the hard work and dedicated support of many that make his vision a reality.  The twenty-one principles proposed in The Way to Happiness are no exception to this rule.  Many individuals will agree that simply reading this book is quite a moving experience, and that it is easy to see how application of these principles can greatly improve the quality of life for individuals, families, communities and even society at large.  That said, it can sometimes be difficult to understand just how one can spread the message of The Way to Happiness to others in the most effective way.

The purpose of our blog is to share inspirational true stories regarding the dissemination and the use of the principles discussed in The Way to Happiness.  These stories can help one to better understand the conditions various individuals in our society face, and what work must be done in order to improve these conditions.  Some of these stories can also encourage one to take action and to help in what must become a global movement, so that individuals across the world can experience better, healthier and happier states of life.  We encourage you to visit frequently, enjoy these stories, and pass these stories of hope on to others as well.