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The Way to Happiness Quick Facts

The Way to HappinessThe Way to Happiness is a booklet containing twenty-one principles, or precepts, that make up a non-religious moral code. Containing everything from “Love and Help Children” to “Do Not Murder”, this moral code is based entirely on common sense, with rules for living that are applicable to anyone of any race, creed or religion. Through use of these basic precepts, individuals can improve their own lives and happiness as well as the lives and happiness of others around them in their family, community and indeed society and mankind as a whole.

The Way to Happiness is produced and distributed by The Way to Happiness Foundation International, which is a non-profit, public benefit corporation headquartered in Glendale, California. The Way to Happiness Foundation International coordinates and oversees the activities of all individuals and groups worldwide who make use of The Way to Happiness in some aspect of their dealings with others. This includes individuals who bring the booklet into prisons and schools, as well as groups who promote the use of these precepts through large, community campaigns. Since its founding in 1984, The Way to Happiness Foundation International has helped to distribute over eighty-five million copies of The Way to Happiness in ninety-six different languages, including Braille, to one hundred seventy-one different nations.

With the help and support of many other individuals and organizations, The Way to Happiness Foundation has been able to generate public service announcements regarding the twenty-one precepts, as well as teacher’s guides and educator materials in fifteen languages. They have also aided in the distribution of copies of The Way to Happiness booklet to over two thousand one hundred prisons worldwide, greatly improving lives where needed the most.

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