Few individuals would argue the fact that we live in a noisy, dangerous and somewhat angry society. Individuals looking for answers and solutions to the many problems of mankind often find themselves turning to the wrong solutions—like drugs, crime and fighting. Luckily, there are better and more workable solutions, as outlined in The Way to Happiness.

The Way to Happiness is a moral code based entirely on common sense. It was originally published in 1981 with the purpose of reversing moral decline and helping to restore integrity, trust and happiness among all mankind. It was written by educator and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, and contains twenty-one basic principles that, when applied, can guide an individual into living a much higher quality of life. These principles include:

  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Be Temperate
  • Don’t Be Promiscuous
  • Love and Help Children
  • Honor and Help Your Parents
  • Set a Good Example
  • Seek to Live With the Truth
  • Do Not Murder
  • Don’t Do Anything Illegal
  • Support a Government Designed and Run For All The People
  • Do Not Harm a Person of Good Will
  • Safeguard and Improve Your Environment
  • Do Not Steal
  • Be Worthy of Trust
  • Fulfill Your Obligations
  • Be Industrious
  • Be Competent
  • Respect the Religious Beliefs of Others
  • Try Not to Do Things to Others That You Would Not Like Them to Do to You
  • Try to Treat Others As You Would Want Them to Treat You
  • Flourish and Prosper

They make up a code of conduct that can be followed by anyone, no matter their race, color or creed, and they have the power to repair and strengthen the bonds between all mankind.

In addition to being easily grasped and immediately applicable to every individual who reads it, The Way to Happiness holds a Guinness World Record as the single most translated non-religious book ever published. It holds great power, as those who have read it recognize that their actions affect the lives of everyone around them just as much as the actions of others around them affect their own lives. Individuals are therefore highly encouraged to distribute copies of The Way to Happiness to their family members, friends, associates, employees and customers so that they all can survive better and lead much happier lives, and then take action to further spread the power of this invaluable book. In this way, The Way to Happiness has a ripple effect, spreading its communication of kindness, compassion and respect to more and more individuals in the society as each individual shares its principles with those they care about around them.

The Way to Happiness Foundation was established with the purpose of placing a copy of The Way to Happiness into the hands of every single human being on Earth so that they may benefit from its wisdom. The Way to Happiness Foundation assists with distribution projects and is supported by a network of chapters that continue to spread the book widely across the world. Over 100 million copies of The Way to Happiness have been distributed in over 110 different languages and more than 117 countries around the world.

Individuals from all walks of life, including heads of state, mayors, CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, doctors, lawyers, local business owners, community leaders, teachers and many more are using The Way to Happiness in their daily lives, working to help shift the moral decline that currently plagues every society in every nation in the world. With a strong effort, all mankind can reach a level where they live happily and healthily among others, and such is the goal of The Way to Happiness.