Oftentimes it is not an individual’s desire to bring about change that is lacking, rather it is his know-how in how to bring about the desired change that is lacking.  While there may be a very few exceptions, one may assume that those individuals who choose to become police officers do so because they recognize that people in our world need help and support.  That said, few police officers may feel that they are able to bring about the full change that they truly feel is necessary in order to stably improve the lives and happiness of individuals in their community.  It follows, then, that when police officers receive the tools they need in order to dramatically improve conditions around them, they are often quite grateful to have the opportunity to do so.

Learning about The Way to Happiness

Recently, over one hundred eighty students of the Delhi Police participated in a seminar on The Way to Happiness.  This booklet contains within it a non-religious, commonsense moral code comprised of twenty-one basic precepts that effectively guide an individual into living a healthier, happier life.  With precepts including “Honor and Help Your Parents”, “Do Not Murder”, “Be Trustworthy”, “Flourish and Prosper” and “Do Not Harm a Person of Good Will”, among others, it is easy to see how the application of these precepts can truly change the life of the individual himself, as well as others around him.  Those individuals who have been introduced to The Way to Happiness often express their pleasure over its simplicity and effectiveness, and work hard to share it with others in their lives and community.

With the agreement of Principal Suman Nalwa, the head of the Police Training Center, the Way to Happiness Foundation staff took time after the seminar to ask students how the seminar had been helpful to them, and whether they would like further information about The Way to Happiness.  The response was overwhelming, as each individual stated that as a result of the seminar they could clearly see how these powerful tools had already improved their outlook on life, and how a basic moral code honestly provides individuals with the backbone they need to have a healthy, happy life.  Many participants felt that further information would help them to improve their lives and ensure they were always very happy in their lives.

Considering that the New Delhi Police force is comprised of well over eleven hundred individuals, the impact that this initial seminar had on just less than two hundred students can be all the more appreciated.  Once again, The Way to Happiness is proving that individuals are very interested and very willing to take action to bring about desired change in our world, and they often know the right tools to do so when they are presented to them.