A simple but somewhat discouraging fact is that there is simply no country in the world that is immune to the many problems that actively destroy human health and happiness.  That said, there is no reason why these problems should continue to exist if humans possess the tools by which to overcome them.  The Way to Happiness seeks to provide the tools necessary to change individual lives, and in so doing, change the lives of entire communities, countries and indeed all mankind.

The Way to Happiness Foundation Pakistan works to forward this goal by delivering seminars and booklets to individuals in the community who can benefit greatly from them.  This past week, TWTH Pakistan successfully delivered six seminars to approximately four hundred fifty individuals at all-girls schools.  Roughly eight hundred copies of The Way to Happiness were passed out to seminar participants, with the intention of empowering these young women to realize that they are important in the world, and they too can make a difference.  These seminars were well-received and highly appreciated by all.