There is no doubt that life is full of ups and downs, good times and bad, rewards and punishments, and just about everything else in between.  In order to survive in life, an individual must be able to cope with these changes and different conditions.  In order to go beyond basic survival and actually rise to higher levels and truly be happy in life, an individual needs valuable information and tools by which to do so.  This is what The Way to Happiness seeks to provide.

The Way to Happiness Venezuela

It is not uncommon for individuals to encounter problems in their lives and wonder what they can or should do about them.  Rather than assume that these problems have no solutions, it is far better to recognize the fact that general, simple solutions to the broad problems of life are simply unknown to most individuals.  With workable solutions, individuals can easily address and resolve those things that cause them trouble and unhappiness in their lives, and build healthier, happier and stronger futures not only for themselves, but for others around them too.

The Way to Happiness fills an important need by presenting individuals with a commonsense moral code comprising of twenty-one easy to understand and apply precepts.  These precepts include everything from “Do Not Murder” to “Flourish and Prosper” and give individuals the basic tools they need to truly thrive in their lives.  It is for this very reason that The Way to Happiness Foundation Venezuela works hard to distribute copies of this book to citizens.

In just the month of August 2015, The Way to Happiness Foundation Venezuela successfully distributed over six thousand five hundred booklets to citizens who can use these booklets to improve their happiness and lives.  Additionally, foundation staff held free conferences in order to further promote the values contained within this powerful booklet.

The first free conference was delivered at the main office for Civil Protection in the Parque Carabobo sector.  The Civil Protection unit is a system designed to provide both protection and assistance services to individuals who have suffered a disaster or other dangerous situation.  The mission of this unit is to safeguard goods and property of human beings, as well as the general environment. Thirty-three city officials attended this conference, including Civil Protection Director Barbara Rubio, the Risk Director and the Precade Director.  The entire purpose of this particular conference was to reinforce the idea of basic values, improve the feeling of teamwork and remind individuals that there are many valuable human beings in our society who deserve help to improve their happiness and their lives.  The conference succeeded in gaining the full attention of the directors, and resulted in fueling their desire to be part of The Way To Happiness.  They also requested that more conferences be held in the future to further spread the messages contained within this booklet.

The second free conference was delivered at The Way to Happiness Foundation Venezuela main offices, and was attended by thirty young students who were exceedingly interested in learning the various rules for happier living.  At one point, while learning about the precept, “Flourish and Prosper,” one young audience member admitted that while she disliked when a classmate told her that her drawings were ugly, she didn’t agree at all and she had decided to flourish and prosper, just as The Way to Happiness video had instructed her to.

The results of these conferences indicate what a remarkable impact The Way to Happiness can and does have on the lives of individuals who come into contact with it.  The goal, then, becomes bringing even more people into contact with this wonderful booklet, and as quickly as possible.