In a world filled with dishonesty and grave injustices, many individuals often wonder what they can do in order to secure their own and others’ happiness.  Without guidance, individuals may turn to the wrong sources in an attempt to achieve happiness, only to fail miserably.  Worse still, many individuals begin to believe that their only real hope for a happy life is to focus on self, when the truth is that happiness is often derived through cooperation and teamwork with others.  To better illustrate this very point, The Way to Happiness contains a non-religious, commonsense moral code that anyone can use in order to improve their lives and the lives of others around them.

About The Way to Happiness

The precepts contained within The Way to Happiness include: Take Care of Yourself, Be Temperate, Don’t Be Promiscuous, Love and Help Children, Honor and Help Your Parents, Set a Good Example, Seek to Live With the Truth, Do Not Murder, Don’t Do Anything Illegal, Support a Government Designed and Run For All The People, Do Not Harm a Person of Good Will, Safeguard and Improve Your Environment, Do Not Steal, Be Worthy of Trust, Fulfill Your Obligations, Be Industrious, Be Competent, Respect The Religious Beliefs of Others, Try Not to Do Things to Others That You Would Not Like Them To Do To You, Try to Treat Others As You Would Want Them to Treat You, and Flourish and Prosper.  One can see how the application of even a single one of these precepts could easily improve the happiness and lives of an individual and others around him, whereas the application of all twenty-one of these precepts can readily improve the conditions of families, groups, communities, society and indeed all mankind at large.  The only difficulty becomes spreading the messages of these precepts to others so that they can benefit from them.

The Way to Happiness Public Service Announcements

The Way to Happiness public service announcements are clear depictions of each and every one of the twenty-one precepts contained within the booklet.  As powerful as these precepts are on their own, they are even more powerful when acted out for the viewer, giving them a realistic look at how these precepts can impact their decisions and actions in life.  Where individuals have not yet had access to a copy of The Way to Happiness booklet, these public service announcements can open their eyes to the recognition that there are solutions to the problems encountered in life, and that these solutions are easy to apply and benefit from.

The Way to Happiness Foundation Venezuela works hard to spread the powerful messages contained within The Way to Happiness booklet, through the distribution of these booklets, as well as through holding conferences on the precepts and promoting the broad transmission of the public service announcements.  Currently, there are many television stations in Venezuela that are airing these PSA’s, including Canal I, with national coverage, TeleCaribe, with coverage in the Nueva Esparta and Anzoategui States, TeleCentro, with coverage in the Lara, Cojedes, Falcon, Portuguesa and Yaracuy States, Televisora Regional de Portuguesa, with coverage in the Portuguesa and Barinas States, and more.

On August 30th of this year, The Way to Happiness Foundation Venezuela broadcasted the “Do Not Steal” PSA in an effort to help show young people across the nation that this is a very harmful and dishonest action that they should work hard to avoid participating in.  While reading this precept in the booklet can have a strong impact on someone, seeing it portrayed in a PSA can make it even more realistic and important to apply.

Through the promotion of these PSA’s and other valuable efforts, The Way to Happiness Foundation Venezuela hopes to continue spreading the power of this moral code to those who can benefit from it.