There is no doubt that honest, hard-working citizens deserve to receive any of the tools they can use in order to live happy and productive lives.  After all, if these individuals are figuring out how to live honest lives, they certainly deserve all the support and encouragement that can be given them.  However, one cannot then neglect those individuals who are struggling, and who have turned to crime in order to survive or achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves.  It’s certainly true that these individuals are harming themselves and others around them, and society at large by extension, but simply shunning them or locking them away has not and cannot lead to a stable or beneficial change.  Instead, giving these individuals workable tools they can use in order to change their lives for the better is far more profitable for everyone involved.  This is precisely what The Way to Happiness Foundation Venezuela is seeking to do through their The Way to Happiness campaigns in high crime areas.

Reaching Out With Hope

The Way to Happiness is a powerful booklet that contains twenty-one easy-to-understand and apply ideas that make up commonsense values. Individuals who have read this booklet and applied these concepts have noted dramatic and wonderful improvements in their lives through doing so.  Obviously, the more individuals use this code, the more their lives and the lives of everyone around them will improve.

The Way to Happiness Foundation Venezuela has made it their mission to concentrate their campaigns in areas with dense populations—areas where crime and violence tend to breed.  By spreading the power of The Way to Happiness in these areas, as well as throughout the educational system, police forces, navy forces, television channels and celebrities, The Way to Happiness Foundation Venezuela is creating a beneficial impact.

On August 13th, 2015, The Way to Happiness Foundation Venezuela delivered a seminar for directors, administrative staff, policemen and prisoners at Poli Caracas.  The seminar was based on the principles put forth in The Way to Happiness booklet and sought to reinforce basic values, help individuals feel self-confident, and bring them up to the understanding that they have an important place in society.  Many participants decided, after the seminar, that they wanted to help volunteer for The Way to Happiness Foundation Venezuela, and they requested more seminars in the future.  The Education Director of Policia de Caracas even said that they were looking for something to help improve the situations in their area, and they finally found the answers they wanted in the seminar.

The Way to Happiness is useful no matter where it is taken, but is certainly immensely useful in those high-crime areas where individuals are struggling just to survive.  The results of this recent seminar in one such area has demonstrated once again that many individuals are willing and interested in effecting a change on the conditions around them–they simply need the tools by which to do so.  The Way to Happiness Foundation Venezuela is happy to help place the needed tools in the hands of all who desire them.