On November 9, 1989, a divided Germany was reunited by the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Twenty-five years later, this monumental moment in history is celebrated with events and ceremonies that help remind individuals of the weakness wrought in dividing the country, and the strength restored with its reunification. It is a time when individuals can learn from the past, and place great hope in a better future.  It is a time when individuals can benefit from gaining the tools they need to improve not only their own lives, but also the lives of others around them.

The Way to Happiness in Germany

The Way to Happiness may be small and simple, but it is incredibly powerful.  By presenting individuals with the twenty-one precepts of a basic, commonsense moral code, The Way to Happiness guides individuals into making the decisions that will benefit, enrich and improve their lives.  It can also help them to understand how poor decisions can affect not only their own life, but others’ lives by association.  In a country that was once painfully divided, the wisdom imparted in these precepts can be easily recognized and understood—if the individual is made aware of them.  This last point is the purpose of The Way to Happiness Foundation.

The Way to Happiness attends 25th anniversary event in GermanyAt the 25th anniversary event of the reunification of Germany on October 3rd, The Way to Happiness Foundation held distribution events in Frankfurt, Berlin, Hannover, Dusseldorf, Munich and Stuttgart.  A total of ten thousand five hundred special edition The Way to Happiness booklets were distributed to German citizens, over three thousand five hundred of which were distributed in Frankfurt where the official celebration took place.  There was no mistaking the fact that the booklet was commemorating the special occasion by literally spreading hope for an even brighter future.

Recipients of the booklets were very grateful, understanding how much their country has needed and continues to need the tools that will enable citizens to work more closely together.  Some recipients recognized the value of these booklets so well that they even approached The Way to Happiness Foundation staff and volunteers in order to request additional booklets so that they could share them with family members and friends.

The Way to Happiness Foundation was proud to be part of this momentous occasion, and to help German citizens celebrate their country’s anniversary event with a gift of hope and happiness.