There is no arguing the fact that there is a general deterioration of basic living standards all around the world, in every community in every country.  As a result, there are a wide variety of individuals, groups and organizations who are increasingly reaching out into their communities to help effect a change, having recognized the deterioration that is quickly destroying the quality of life of many residents.

United in Peace is a popular movement, not a campaign or program, that was born on the streets of Los Angeles, California.  It is made up of concerned citizens and community groups that seek to bring peace to inner cities.  United in Peace helps to unite diverse ethnicities and faiths, reducing instances of violence by placing more attention on creating positive energy and peace among community residents.  And since 2012, United in Peace has organized and held the annual Peace Ride every October, to more directly bring the message of peace and unity into specific communities who need it most.

Peace Rides & Reduction in Crime Rates

The Peace Rides travel throughout the greater Los Angeles County area, including Long Beach, Compton, Hawthorne, Carson, and Inglewood.  These rides impact thousands of individuals who receive peace materials like The Way to Happiness booklet, and they seek to help these individuals understand the value of living peaceful, happy lives, regardless of their race, creed or interests.  The Way to Happiness inspires individuals who are living in unhealthy communities to apply some basic principles in order to improve the quality of their own and others’ lives.  This booklet is therefore a fitting part of the annual Peace Rides, essentially spreading hope and inspiration where there may otherwise be none.

Government officials have admitted that those neighborhoods that have been visited by the Peace Rides routinely experience a reduction in crime rates.  Individuals often come together for the Peace Rides with nothing more in common except the driving determination to bring peace into their community, and into communities around them.

Minister Tony Muhammad, the founder of United in Peace Foundation, believes that individuals must realize that they themselves are responsible for ending the violence that is occurring in society.  A peace movement in communities helps raise the responsibility of each and every citizen, and Minister Muhammad has declared that the Peace Rides will not come to an end until violence has been eradicated.