Sometimes, all it takes to help bring about a change in the conditions of a community or society is one individual who is willing to make a difference. With valuable tools that anyone can apply to their life and relations with others, The Way to Happiness organization in Venezuela is an entire group of like-minded individuals, working hard to help bring the hope of a happier life to individuals all across the country.

San Bernardino School in Caracas Visit

On June 11th, representatives from The Way to Happiness Venezuela visited the San Bernardino School in Caracas, where teachers from the second, third and fifth grades are using principles from The Way to Happiness booklet in their classrooms. Representatives were invited to watch performances by the students, illustrating the principles with real-life situations and precepts. Teacher Ana Meneses teaches her thirty-five students one new principle each week, and notices that her students seem to have better attitudes and motivation as a result. She also feels that her students have become more bonded with and supportive of their classmates, working together as teammates instead of stand-alone individuals. She believes that the principles of The Way to Happiness offer great hope and can inspire individuals to become better people. Fifth grade teacher Miria Yeguez agreed that students who learn about these principles seem to be more willing and able to take care of themselves, and more able to take responsibility for their actions, which they weren’t interested in doing before. Yeguez felt this was incredibly satisfying because it showed that her students truly understood the principles, and the value of applying them to their own lives.

Silva School in Caracas Visit

On June 15th, representatives from The Way to Happiness Venezuela visited the Zoe Xiques Silva School in Caracas, where third grade teachers have included The Way to Happiness principles in their curriculum delivery. The Way to Happiness Venezuela Campaign Coordinator Gretty Salazar gave each teacher a Recognition Certificate, educator’s guides and DVD’s of The Way to Happiness PSA’s in order to encourage them to continue their efforts.

School Group Nr. Caracas Visit

On June 16th, representatives from The Way to Happiness Venezuela visited School Group Nr. 4 in Caracas, where sixth grade students performed in a talent show, illustrating the value of The Way to Happiness principle “Be Competent”.

There are also many TV and radio stations across Venezuela who are sharing The Way to Happiness PSAs and principles with the public. Special events help individuals recognize that they can apply simple, commonsense principles to improve their lives. Individuals across the country have discovered that The Way to Happiness can inspire responsibility in those who may have struggled with this concept before—which in turn fosters hope for a healthier, stronger country in the future.

Here are some images from the recent efforts in Venezuela:

conference 2Rafel Briceño Ortega School

venez promoVenez Don Rufino Gonzalez High School conference to students

twth students books twth precept books twth award students 7 students 6 student demonstration group of kids twth student 2 twth student 3 twth student 5 teacher twth poster twth studen