It is not unusual for communities to hold events that help to inform the general public about the vital importance of making good choices.  With summer upon us, many young individuals feel it is a time to relax and party with friends, which can quickly translate into making dangerous decisions that affect one’s own and others’ health and safety.  The Safe Summer event seeks to help prevent these dangerous sorts of situations from happening.

For the fourth year in a row, Tampa Bay The Way to Happiness (TWTH) representatives Marlin and Joyce Anderson sponsored a table at the East Tampa Safe Summer event in Al Barnes Park.  This event works to bring together various members and organizations in the community, who work closely together to encourage residents to experience the benefits of having a safe and fun summer.

Along with Suncoast Federal Credit Union, TWTH was a designated sponsor for the event, and was therefore acknowledged repeatedly for their support by DJ Ebone Cruz from Tampa Bay radio station WTMP, who was the designated Mistress of Ceremonies for the event.  To further boost event attendance and excitement this year, TWTH representatives held a raffle that required participants to write down how the principles of The Way to Happiness could impact and improve their lives.  Every hour, on the hour, winners were announced, and in keeping with the theme of summer fun, these lucky individuals were awarded beach towels as prizes.  DJ Cruz gladly announced the results of the TWTH raffle, in addition to the main event raffle, and in fact enjoyed the messages put forth by The Way to Happiness so much that she invited the TWTH representatives to join her on her radio show in the near future in order to further spread the powerful message shared by this amazing booklet.

Applying The Way to Happiness Precepts

During the event, TWTH representative Marlin Anderson took to the main stage and spoke openly about the value that lies in applying the twenty-one basic principles outlined in The Way to Happiness, as well as the importance of ensuring that individuals in our communities are treating one another with decency and respect.  City of Tampa Chief of Police Eric Holder praised the work that TWTH was doing in the area, and this year received a complimentary video of all twenty-one PSAs of The Way to Happiness principles, courtesy of TWTH Tampa Bay.

While the Safe Summer event came to an early conclusion due to a sudden thunderstorm, there was no doubt that it was a roaring success.  More than one hundred copies of The Way to Happiness were distributed at the event, thereby effectively allowing more individuals to apply this basic, non-religious moral code in communities all around Tampa Bay.