There is no doubt that individuals in general wish to live happy, healthy and productive lives.  However, the fact is that few individuals know how to go about this.  They may set endless goals and seek to do the right thing in their lives, but without understanding how to overcome certain obstacles they encounter or how to effectively interact and communicate with others around them, it can seem like they are endlessly swimming against a tide that pushes them downstream with every effort they make to move upstream.  There are even some individuals who believe that true happiness is unobtainable, and simply an illusion that others try to put forth as best they can.  This is where The Way to Happiness can be immensely helpful, as it can point out the way to truly happy living—through the application of a commonsense code of conduct comprised of twenty-one basic precepts.  And this is exactly what the Way to Happiness Foundation India seeks to accomplish when passing out these powerful booklets.

Spreading Hope

The Way to Happiness Foundation India works hard to spread the messages of hope and happiness among the citizens and residents of this nation.  More recently, staff and volunteers from this organization held a seminar with two hundred fifty students at the “Love Public School” in Geeta Colony, New Delhi, and another seminar with one hundred sixty students of the “Lovely Public English Medium School” in Vojna Vihar, New Delhi.  Hundreds of The Way to Happiness booklets, as well as DVDs of The Way to Happiness public service announcements, were donated at these events, allowing others to freely begin applying these precepts to their own lives.  In this way, the Way to Happiness Foundation India is helping young individuals build the strong foundation they will need to live happily, healthy and productive futures as contributing members of society.