Most individuals comprehend the basic fact that life simply does not roll forward smoothly from beginning to end.  There are certain things that one must learn to face and overcome in order to remain happy in one’s life, and most individuals are prepared for this in one way or another.  However, when life becomes particularly difficult or challenging for an individual, it can seem quite impossible to conceive of any solutions that can allow them to better handle it.  Two brothers are seeking to change all that.

Handing Out Hope

Few individuals would knowingly and purposely turn away help that is offered to them.  However, it is rare for an individual to come across information that is immediately applicable to their life, and can dramatically improve their happiness, as well as the happiness of others around them.  The Way to Happiness is just one such rarity, and quite a powerful one at that.  It is a commonsense code of conduct containing twenty-one easy-to-understand and apply precepts that can dramatically change an individual’s life.  One simply needs to know that it exists, which is a job undertaken by many individuals all across the world, including the owners of a small market in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Kabul Market is a small market behind the train station in Copenhagen, and it is owned by two brothers who have decided to take it upon themselves and help improve the lives of their customers by providing them with far more than just groceries.  After receiving and reading a copy of The Way to Happiness, these brothers recognized the immense value of this book and requested many more to hand out.  Now, they eagerly give a copy to each one of their customers with one simple request – “Take one, be happy!”  They tell their customers to read it because it’s a good book, and it can help them lead happier lives.  After reading the booklet themselves they well understand the value of passing along helpful information to others who desperately need solutions in a noisy, chaotic and often dangerous world.