When considering the rapidly deteriorating conditions of our society and our world, it is not enough to simply possess a knowledge that is able to change lives.  One must take the responsibility to use this knowledge in order to improve their own life, and also spread this knowledge to others who can use it to improve their lives and the lives of others around them.  This is the entire purpose of any Way to Happiness organization which exists in any community and any country on earth—to spread this powerful, non-religious commonsense moral code that can be applied by anyone, anywhere to help improve the lives and happiness of self and others around them.

The Way to Happiness Foundation India

No matter the general mores or culture of a particular society, the fact remains that individuals who are living life and interacting with others around them often encounter difficult situations that must be dealt with and handled in some way.  The purpose of the precepts contained within The Way to Happiness booklet is to provide individuals with workable solutions to many of the basic problems of life, and allow a clearly marked way for the individual and his fellows to live happily.

The Way to Happiness Foundation India has a purpose to reverse the moral decay of society by restoring trust and honesty through the publication and widespread distribution and use of The Way to Happiness booklet.  Foundation employees and volunteers spend great amounts of time reaching out to various members of society, handing out copies of The Way to Happiness booklets and holding educational lectures and seminars that inform individuals about the usefulness of these twenty-one basic precepts.

Recently, the Delhi Police held a Felicitation Ceremony to acknowledge the Way to Happiness Foundation India with a certificate and memento in honor of the many educational lectures that had been provided.  The Special Commissioner of Delhi Police, Sh. Muktesh Chander, felicitated the Way to Happiness Foundation India Executive Director Mr. Rohit Sharma specifically for partnering with and delivering lectures on moral values and ethics in the Road Safety Awareness Summer Camps that were undertaken by the Delhi Traffic Police in 2015 for the very first time in its history.  This congratulatory ceremony helped to spread awareness of the work the Way to Happiness Foundation India has been doing, and continues to do, to help improve conditions across the nation.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Sharma held a seminar on The Way to Happiness for approximately five hundred students at the St. Lawrence School in Dilshad Garden, New Delhi.  Prior to holding the seminar, Mr. Sharma met with various teachers in the principal’s office.  One teacher noticed the Way to Happiness insignia on Mr. Sharma’s shirt, and excused herself to her classroom to retrieve something.  When she returned, she was holding a copy of a Delhi Police customized The Way to Happiness booklet in her hand.  She told Mr. Sharma that she remembered him from a seminar he had held in partnership with the Hindustan Times newspaper at the Hyatt Regency.  She had been so moved by the power of The Way to Happiness that she immediately began teaching the principles in the booklet to her students, and was thrilled to have him there at her school because she truly believes in the power contained in these simple precepts.

It is the very power of The Way to Happiness to impress upon and change people’s lives that drives the staff and volunteers of the Way to Happiness Foundation India to continue their important work in reaching out to members of society for the workable solutions they so desperately need.