When an individual is considering his own happiness and welfare, he may forget that taking care of his body is essential. With the stress surrounding day-to-day life, it can be easy to slip into patterns that seem “convenient” and “easy”, but that can lead to poor physical health. This in turn can lead to unhappiness, not only for the individual but also for others around him.  It is for this reason that among the many useful guiding principles presented in The Way to Happiness, “Take Care of Yourself” is one of them.

Caring For Your Body

Caring for your body can be quite simply accomplished by taking the following steps:

  • Receive proper care and treatment when you are ill. It is unfortunately true that many individuals fail to take proper care of themselves when they are ill. If such an individual refuses to isolate himself while ill, he may be further spreading illness to others while also compounding his own condition. Receiving proper care and treatment when you are ill means isolating self from others, resting one’s body, and receiving medical care if necessary and prudent.
  • Maintain a clean body. There is no problem with the fact that we are surrounded by dirt and germs.  However, by failing to bathe and wash one’s hands regularly, these germs can cause one to become ill.
  • Take care of your teeth. Teeth that are properly cared for through regular brushing are less likely to suffer decay, and can help keep one’s breath fresh and pleasant. This can make an individual more approachable by others, and can help to keep them well.
  • Eat well. Poor nutrition can lead to a host of problems, including low energy, ill temper and weakened immune function, which obviously prevents an individual from living happily. Eating proper amounts of nutritious foods on a regular basis can ensure that one maintains a good energy level and good overall health.
  • Get proper rest. Most individuals know exactly how much rest their body needs in order to function optimally. There may be occasional times when an individual is unable to get this normal and optimal amount of rest, but these should be limited. The fact is that an individual who is tired is not as alert and is more prone to mistakes and accidents that can harm self and others.

Caring for one’s body can do wonders for one’s overall health and happiness, and is therefore extremely important.