There are many different things that many different individuals would consider highly important in their life.  That said, most individuals would readily agree that happiness is definitely very important in their life.  After all, life can become quite challenging and difficult, and it is happiness that helps one to persevere.  It is profitable, then, for one to take a close look at those things that help contribute to complete and lasting happiness.

The Connection Between Health and Happiness

When one is considering what it takes to make them feel happy, they may think of the relationships they would care to have, the many things they would like to possess or even the many goals they would like to achieve.  While there is no doubt that these things may help contribute to an individual’s happiness, the fact is that one must not neglect their own health in the process.

Whether or not they may be consciously aware of it, people are normally drawn to those who take care of their bodies and appalled, in greater or lesser degree, by those who fail to take good care of their bodies.  There may be many reasons for these natural inclinations, not the least of which is the impression that the individual who isn’t taking care of his body is likely so unhappy that they simply don’t care.  After all, an individual can easily be so overwhelmed by stress and anxiety in their life that they slip into certain patterns and routines that are just convenient and easy for them but don’t aid in the maintenance of good health.  As people naturally want to surround themselves and fill their own lives with happiness, they may avoid an unhealthy individual simply because they don’t want that in their life.

Another thing to consider is that an individual who isn’t taking care of himself is likely a danger to both himself and others.  For example, the individual who fails to isolate himself or receive proper care and treatment when they are ill or who fails to properly bathe himself is potentially spreading germs to others.  The individual who fails to take care of his teeth is simply not approachable, as his breath is usually not fresh or pleasant.  Individuals who adhere to poor diets usually suffer from low energy, ill temper and weakened immune function, and individuals who fail to get the proper amount of rest on a regular basis are often more prone to mistakes and accidents.  It seems logical then that such an individual would be avoided by others in order for them to protect their own health and happiness.  Unfortunately, this means that the individual suffering from poor health is often also suffering from a lack of companionship, which is the main contributing factor to their unhappiness.

Healthy people are simply more alert and comfortable as a whole, which means they are more able to interact with and handle the world around them, and this can help contribute to great happiness in life.