While it is generally accepted that work must occur in order for an individual to receive the income necessary to support himself in life, few people would argue the point that work is not always easy or enjoyable.  In fact, many individuals would readily admit that their jobs are difficult, challenging and demanding on a regular basis.  However, if you ask these same individuals whether they are happy with their jobs, many will state that they are–largely because the challenges they have to work through are actually fun to overcome.

As a general rule, people are usually happier when they have something to do.  One can make an experiment of this and simply sit staring at the clock for five minutes, or spend five minutes cleaning.  The five minutes spent in action will often pass more quickly and produce a sense of satisfaction.  An individual who is not industrious is often bored and unhappy in general, and may even complain that their life is pointless and empty.  The industrious man may be tired or even exhausted each day after work, but he is usually quite happy.

Developing Industrious Traits

Even when one has experienced the boost in morale that occurs when they are industrious, it can sometimes be difficult to get oneself motivated along this direction.  After all, it can seem quite pleasant just to sit around and “relax” sometimes.  However, one will usually find that getting up and getting to work is always better–and may even help one to feel more energized and more relaxed than simply lying around.  Another point is that as soon as one has developed some basic industrious traits, they may find it easier to maintain them.

In order to develop industrious traits, one should begin by surrounding himself with industrious people.  Idle individuals are not only depressing to hang around, they can actually be dangerous.  People tend to enjoy those activities that feel like group activities, and it is for this reason that surrounding oneself with industrious individuals can help one develop their own industriousness.

An individual can further develop industrious traits by looking around them to see what work needs to be done.  When one takes a moment to really look around them and see what is there, they can find an unlimited number of things that can and should be done for self and for others.  Participating in resolving these things can help one to feel useful and helpful.

Another way to develop industrious traits is for the individual to find activities they enjoy, and participate in them.  Many people enjoy the fruits of their labor even more when the activity itself is also enjoyable.

Hard work can be quite rewarding in and of itself, but it is also important for the individual to reward himself.  This may mean that after a long week of work they enjoy dinner or a movie with friends, or perhaps a friendly game of basketball.  Receiving rewards for one’s industriousness can help one to better develop these traits.

Finally, an individual can develop industrious traits simply by getting busy.  Many individuals spend a considerable amount of time sitting around, thinking, wondering and worrying.  However, if one simply gets busy, they will find that there aren’t quite as many or as complex problems as they may have previously imagined there were.  Furthermore, they can experience great satisfaction and relief when they tackle and resolve the problems they do have.