There is no denying the fact that life is full of ups and downs, good times and bad, rewards and difficulties.  In order to survive well and happily, individuals tend to look for workable solutions that help them to make it through the more challenging parts of their life.  However, when they turn toward drug and alcohol use, they may find that these “solutions” only serve to exacerbate their problems.

Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and alcohol are chemical substances that serve to produce physiological changes in the body, effectively suppressing undesirable sensations.  What the individual fails to recognize is that these substances cannot actually pick and choose which sensations they suppress, and simply blanket all their sensations–shutting off their contact with the real world around them.  They may feel that they are “better” or “happier” when they take these substances, but that’s only an illusion, and it is short-lived.  Eventually, the individual grows to tolerate these substances, and crave more in order to achieve the same desired effects.  This can lead to a dependence that the individual feels he has absolutely no control over, and slowly but steadily destroys his health, relationships and life.

Being Temperate

Being temperate means that one controls their cravings and doesn’t go to extremes in an effort to satisfy these cravings.  It means that the individual does not take harmful drugs, no matter the temptation to do so.  It also means that one does not consume excessive amounts of alcohol.  There may be some medical drugs that can, through short-term and medically directed use, help an individual through a difficult physical condition–like surgery.  There have also been studies to indicate that very subtle amounts of certain types of alcohol may have some medicinal value to an individual.  However, an individual must take responsibility for the drugs and alcohol they choose to put in their body, as great amounts of these substances have the power to adversely affect their quality of life and bring about great unhappiness.

Successfully overcoming the challenges of life while maintaining one’s health and happiness demands great persistence, self-confidence and self-respect.  It may mean that one must turn to a strong support group who can assist them through these difficulties, and it may mean that one has to face things that they would rather avoid.  Being temperate can allow one to prevent a worsening of situations that can otherwise be worked through.