The environment that surrounds us is a major part of our lives, as it is part of where we live, work and play.  The fact is that our environment is affected more by our own actions, and inaction, than anything else.  Allowing it to fall into a poor state affects our own health and happiness, and is therefore highly undesirable.  So how does one safeguard and improve their environment?

Starting With Self

Few individuals recognize the fact that they themselves are part of the environment.  This means that their own good appearance can contribute to whether the environment is nice, and it has nothing to do with how expensive their clothes are.  Wearing clothes that are clean and in good repair, and taking care of one’s own cleanliness and overall tidiness can improve one’s self-respect and self-esteem, and it can also contribute to a nicer environment.

Obviously, one’s possessions and area are also part of their own and others’ environments.  A failure to keep one’s possessions neat and orderly can seem to imply that one doesn’t really care about their things or their environment.  Unfortunately, others who see this in the general environment can experience a feeling of disgust or repulsion.  People who protect their possessions and areas are helping to safeguard and improve the environment, and are often highly appreciated by others around them.

Consider the Planet

There is no arguing that our planet is considerable in size, and that no single person can really care for it on his own.  However, the planet most certainly does need to be taken care of, and the solution is for everyone to take some responsibility in this.  Even things that occur far away from one’s own home can affect them sooner or later, and just by speaking up one can do something to improve conditions.

We know that we need forests, rivers, seas, atmosphere and more in order to survive well.  These things must be taken care of, and it begins with one’s own direct environment–their yard and the area in which they live and work.  One can pick up litter and demand that others do the same, recycle and demand that others do the same, take care of their own and public gardens, plant trees and much more.

Taking care of one’s environment, in small and big ways, allows one to continue to have an environment in which to survive.