When a child is first born, he is completely helpless and entirely dependent upon his parents for his every need.  As he grows he learns to slowly take on his own responsibilities in his life, a process that can be challenging both for himself and for his parents.  Parents can be quite relieved and happy when their child shows great independence of action, but the fact remains that a child is still largely dependent upon his parents throughout his childhood and adolescence–sometimes even longer.  This alone obligates the child to his parents, something that he is usually very well aware of, and it makes it incredibly important that he honors and helps his parents.

Honoring and Helping One’s Parents

There is no doubting the fact that children and their parents often have very different points of view.  Parents often operate toward child-rearing in one of several ways, depending upon their own childhood experiences.  If they feel that their childhood was pleasant, they may try to raise their own children in the way they were raised.  If they feel that their childhood was unpleasant, they may try to raise their own children in the complete opposite way from how they were raised.  Others simply feel that children should be let alone to raise themselves.  No matter how they raise their children, however, there is a good chance that their children will sometimes disagree with their methods.  In fact, children often have a hard time understanding their parents and the decisions they make.

Usually, parents act from a strong desire to do what they believe is best for their child, whether the child agrees that this is true or not.  However, these different points of view and even basic disagreements are not truly enough to create a deep rift or build a wall between parents and children.  It is usually only when a child fails to contribute back to his parents, and when there are lies and a lack of communication, that problems occur.

There is much a child can do to honor and help their parents, but this begins by simply being frank, honest and willing to communicate.   This openness alone can be a welcome contribution and obligation fulfillment that helps parents to better understand and raise their children.  Even when both a child and his parents have very strong and opposing views, it is usually possible to attain a compromise through calm communication.  When one further considers that their parents are the only parents they have, it is plain to see why one has a great obligation to always honor and help their parents.