It may only take one moment of close consideration to recognize that children have a pretty rough road to walk.  The begin completely helpless and dependent upon others for their every need, but even as they grow to gather more control of their body and their environment they are constantly faced with restrictions and told, “No,” “Don’t,” “You can’t,” “Stop,” and much more.  However, the youth of today will make up tomorrow’s civilization, and they will need caring guidance and lots of love in order to make it through all the difficulties and build a better tomorrow.

Loving and Helping Children

There are many different theories and opinions on how to successfully raise independent, well-mannered, hard-working and able children.  A lot of the time, the way a parent raises their child is based on how they were raised.  If they liked their upbringing, they may try to mimic their parents’ raising techniques.  If they felt their upbringing left a lot to be desired, they may simply want to do everything completely contrary to how their parents raised them.  Many parents feel that children should just be permitted to grown on their own, interacting with life around them and learning as they go.  Unfortunately, this creates a highly undesirable result as children that are left to grow entirely on their own don’t receive some of the basic guidance they need to build the strong foundation for a happy, productive future.

Some parents who are doing well in raising their children may feel that they could do better, but they don’t know how.  First, one has to remember that all children are different.  This means that a discipline strategy that may work very well with one child may actually shatter the confidence and heart of another.  As one interacts with their child, they will get to know that individual and how best to approach them, speak with them and so on.  That said, there is one thing that is true of all children: they thrive when given love and help from those around them.

Children like to talk about their lives, and it makes them feel important and confident when others listen to them.  When they are asked to do something they don’t understand, they can become upset and frustrated, but oftentimes they just need some information in order to agree with whatever is occurring.  A child needs plenty of friends, and he has no shortage of love to give to others.  When he receives love from those around him, he can discover that it is possible to be strong and independent, and still receive help.