The Way to Happiness Foundation Hungary has been working hard to raise public awareness of the tools for happy living that are available through the twenty-one precepts of The Way to Happiness booklet.  This group is well aware of the fact that individuals are often desirous of the sorts of changes that will allow them to live happier and healthier lives, but are unaware of how to bring about these changes.  When given a simple but powerful tool they can use in order to effect these changes, individuals can feel great hope for their future, and can spread this tool to others as well.

In order to improve the happiness and lives of the citizens of Hungary, the Way to Happiness Foundation Hungary has established and maintained a successful Facebook campaign, reaching over one million three hundred thousand individuals.  They now have over two hundred thousand individuals following them on Facebook, learning more about tools for happy living and how they can improve their own and others’ lives and happiness.  The foundation has also worked hard to pass out many copies of The Way to Happiness booklet and short films to citizens across the country, individuals who have the power to change and improve their environments if only they have the tools by which to do so.

The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow; they only need the tools by which to successfully lead.  To this end, the staff and volunteers of the Way to Happiness Foundation Hungary have meet with teachers in several Hungary schools who have agreed that they will use the Way to Happiness Education Kit in their classrooms to help improve the lives and happiness of their students and their students’ families.  Schools have been invited to compete in the Way to Happiness “Safeguard and Improve Your Environment” contest, giving them an opportunity to apply this important precept while also spreading the value of this basic principle to others throughout the area.

Celebrating Hungary National Day

On August 20th, Hungary celebrated National Day, also known as St. Stephen’s Day.  St. Stephen was the first king of Hungary, and he laid the basic foundation for the state by converting the Magyar people to Christianity in an effort to strengthen the idea of Hungarian nationhood.  He became Hungary’s first king in 1000 AD and ruled until his death thirty-eight years later.  St. Stephen’s Day, or Hungary National Day, is primarily celebrated with a massive fireworks display on the banks of the Danube river.  During this celebration, The Way to Happiness Foundation Hungary staff and volunteers distributed over two thousand The Way to Happiness booklets, which individuals eagerly read while waiting for the evening fireworks display.  Some individuals even made the effort to locate the Way to Happiness group members after the celebration in order to request more booklets that they would be able to share with their friends.

Changing the World

The power of The Way to Happiness booklet can literally transform lives and improve the survival of groups, communities, society and mankind at large.  However, this booklet and the precepts contained within it are only helpful if they are spread to others who can read and apply these basic precepts.  This is the goal of The Way to Happiness Foundation, to spread the power of this book to every individual possible, so that everyone can follow the rules for happy living and establish the firm foundation for a better future.