The fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9th, 1989, served to not only reunify a country but also to foster hope in millions of individuals.  On the anniversary of this momentous time in history, it is important to reflect upon the strength that is derived from individuals working together toward a common cause.  In truth, the strength of a group, community and indeed even society as a whole is largely determined by how well they work together to solve problems and improve conditions.  The fall of the Berlin Wall was a powerful step in the right direction, but many more can be taken.

Bringing Happiness to Germany

Many individuals are well aware of at least some of the problems that are plaguing our world today.  However, few individuals are aware of what they can do in order to solve these problems and improve their own and others’ lives.  This is where The Way to Happiness comes in.

The Way to Happiness is a commonsense moral code based around twenty-one easy-to-understand and apply precepts.  These precepts allow individuals to recognize the power of their own decisions and actions and make the changes in their lives that can lead to greater happiness, not only for self, but for others as well.  In a country that was once weakened by division, these tools can prove invaluable, which is why The Way to Happiness Foundation chose to participate in the twenty-fifth anniversary Reunification Event in Germany.

Between October 2nd and 4th, members of The Way to Happiness Foundation distributed over thirty-five hundred brochures regarding The Way to Happiness and passed out more than ten thousand five hundred special edition The Way to Happiness booklets in the cities of Frankfurt, Berlin, Hannover, Dusseldorf, Munich and Stuttgart.  Recipients were amazed by the simplicity presented in these booklets, and eagerly began conversations both with foundation staff and volunteers, as well as with each other.  For many, it was as though they had finally received the very tools for change that they had long desired and searched for, and they were able to truly experience hope for a better and happier future.