Considering the condition that society currently finds itself in, one may think that few individuals truly possess the strength or determination necessary to change and improve conditions. However, the truth is that many individuals are very motivated to change and improve the conditions they see around them in the world. What they lack is the knowledge and tools necessary to bring about change.

The Way to Happiness is a non-religious moral code based entirely on common sense, and it can be used by literally anyone in order to improve conditions in their life and environment, and bring about true and lasting happiness.  With twenty-one easy-to-comprehend and apply precepts range from “Love and Help Children” and “Take Care of Yourself” to “Do Not Murder” and “Flourish and Prosper” and cover every possible situation in life, The Way to Happiness has been met with great enthusiasm by individuals of all ages and in all different social conditions.  Its impact can be quite overwhelming in areas that have long been torn apart by anger and fighting.

Providing Solutions

The Way to Happiness Foundation recently held a seminar at Hebron University, spreading hope among young individuals who may often feel, due to difficult social and political situations, that there is none.  Seminar leaders discuss the value of the twenty-one precepts, and how their application can influence not only the individual’s own happiness, but also the happiness of others around them.  Following this seminar the Student Youth Movement at the university took the time to send a letter to The Way to Happiness Foundation, thanking them for holding the seminar and for distributing copies of The Way to Happiness booklets to university students. They acknowledged that The Way to Happiness Foundation is clearly promoting a culture of love and peace with a focus on basic precepts that are desperately needed among people who are constantly suffering from difficult political and social situations.  The Student Youth Movement also confirmed that they witnessed the big, positive effect caused by The Way to Happiness, and that this powerful booklet contains the solutions to many of the problems that today’s youth suffer from, including fear and isolation.  Seminar participants strongly believe now that The Way to Happiness grants individuals the inner strength and self-confidence they need in order to be happy and successful in their lives, which will then lead to the happiness and success of the entire society.