It is actually very good that sex can bring about great pleasure and happiness–it is the means by which the human race can continue to survive into the future through children and family.  This means that it is a perfectly healthy and natural activity, when it occurs between devoted and faithful partners.  However, the fact is that unfaithfulness and promiscuity can lead to extensive problems that adversely affect the health and happiness of both partners.

Promiscuity and Problems

A lack of faithfulness on the part of a sexual partner can cause anything from guilt and grief to jealousy and vengeance.  Most individuals believe that entering into a sexual relationship with another person means that they are choosing to trust that individual completely and entirely, and that they feel comfortable with that other individual on every possible level.  Some even believe it is an indication that both partners feel they have a future together.  To say that suffering one partner’s promiscuity is akin to a knife in the back may actually be a grave misunderstatement, as the betrayal can be so deep and long-lasting that the betrayed partner feels they have, to some degree, been abandoned by the one individual they most trusted.

In addition to the many emotional problems caused by promiscuity, one must also consider the extensive health problems that can result from engaging in sexual activities with many different partners.  Many highly dangerous, incurable and even fatal diseases can be spread as a result of promiscuity, which affects both the individual himself as well as his many sexual partners.  If one were to consider the time period in which casual sexual encounters became more acceptable in a society and the time period in which sexual diseases became more widespread and rampant in that society, one would likely discover that these two periods coincide.

Promiscuity is not actually a new problem.  Historians believe that one of the main reasons that Buddhism essentially vanished from India in the seventh century was because of sexual promiscuity that was occurring in its monasteries.  In areas where promiscuity has been accepted or promoted, one can notice a deterioration of human health and happiness, and oftentimes a complete destruction of that group or area.

In order to promote health and happiness, one should always remain faithful to their sexual partner and demand that others do the same.