Teachers at a school in India are helped by The Way to Happiness

The Way to Happiness Foundation International seeks to improve the happiness and lives of individuals around the world by sharing with them a simple, commonsense moral code as written in The Way to Happiness booklet.  Way to Happiness representatives in countries all over the world hold seminars and workshops, helping more and more individuals to help change and improve the world.

Ramjas Public School Visit

Representatives from The Way to Happiness Foundation India recently visited the Ramjas Public School at Anand Parvat, New Delhi, and held a seminar for one hundred fifty students on the twenty-one precepts of The Way to Happiness.  The primary reason the foundation had for hosting a seminar at this particular school is because the school is located in the exact area where there was recently a cold-blooded murder of a young girl.  The community was understandably traumatized by this, and many individuals in the community feel that the police are to blame for failing to prevent this tragedy from occurring in the first place.  Seeing as how the Way to Happiness Foundation seeks to strengthen communities and society as a whole by introducing basic tools by which individuals can live honest, happier lives, the purpose of the seminar was to help students to not only recognize the problems that exist in the world around them, but also that something can be done about these problems, and it’s quite easy if one simply has the tools.

The feedback received from students after the seminar indicated that they now clearly understood important words like moral code, morals, ethics, common sense, justice and more. One teacher indicated that he felt the seminar was wonderful in instilling moral values among students because it was presented in such a way that the students could clearly understand the importance of these values, and in spreading them to others.  Students learned the value of punctuality, discipline and honesty, as well as many other things that will surely aid their overall development and progress.  Teachers were so moved by the presentation and the positive feedback from their students that they have asked for and agreed to host continuing workshops for their students, aiding them in truly understanding and applying the precepts to their lives and their futures so that they may contribute to a happier, healthier society.