Regardless of whether they speak openly about it, children are often very well aware of those things in the world that are causing problems for society.  More so than the adults around them, children usually feel that something simply has to be done in order to improve conditions, and the concept of “impossibility” held by many adults rarely even enters their minds.  What they do lack, however, are the basic tools they need in order to change and improve the conditions around them.  The Way to Happiness provides this to them, in twenty-one simple to understand and use precepts.

Reaching Out in India

Recently, The Way to Happiness Foundation India held a seminar for one hundred fifty students at the Ramjas School in New Delhi.  The students were greatly affected by the principles set forth in the book, and their feedback from the seminar was nothing short of amazing.  One student said that the seminar answered questions he was struggling with-like whether he should seek revenge for things that were done to him.  He was able to recognize that the only real solution to his problems is speaking pleasantly with others.  He realized that this book was so easy to understand and so powerful that it should be widely promoted so it can result in a more beautiful India.  Another student said that she had forgotten her basic moral values, and the seminar helped to remind her so that she would be able to help her friends, her classmates, and other people around her.  She has decided to be kind and honest to others, and share these lessons with everyone around her.  Yet another student indicated that he had never participated in that sort of seminar before, and he learned a lot about how he could bring happiness to himself and others. Still another student said that she had thought happiness came from making fun of others, and the seminar helped her to see that true happiness comes from being kind to others.

Overall, the students at the Ramjas School in New Delhi recognized that true happiness can be achieved, and that they have the power to bring it about for themselves and others around them.  The Way to Happiness has proven once again that it is a powerful tool that can be used by anyone to improve their own and others’ lives.