Regardless of where an individual lives in the world and how big or small their community is, chances are that there are some basic things about the conditions on earth and their fellow man they feel need to change in order for everyone to survive well.  Whether these things are dishonesty or moral corruption, incompetence, lack of integrity, poverty, drug abuse, degradation or just general happiness, most individuals can easily see how the problems that affect their families, friends, neighbors, communities and society at large also greatly affect them.  That said, the sheer volume of violence, degradation, poverty, unhappiness, fraud, felonies, disasters and other problems that currently plague mankind can seem quite overwhelming to consider, let alone address and resolve.  Most individuals would readily agree that they would love to see lower crime rates in their communities, and better safety for their children, their neighbors and themselves, and would be willing to take action to bring these things about.  What is lacking is the knowledge in how to do so.

A Grassroots Movement

What can often happen when a group needs to make changes in how they operate is that the group members themselves fail to agree on a specific course of action.  When one considers society as a whole as one large group, and then further investigates just how many individuals with their own political, religious, secular or other agendas exist within this large group, it is easy to see how the focus can become serving self rather than finding common ground for all.  The result is no real progress in creating a happier, safer and more honest society for everyone to enjoy, and unfortunately some individuals may even come to the conclusion that such an idyllic society is actually impossible to create or sustain.

History has proven that it often only takes a factually proven good idea to gain the attention of individuals, groups, entire communities and indeed even society as a whole.  Such an idea would have to embrace all individuals of every political, cultural, religious or secular background, and be so well grounded in the basics of commonsense that everyone found it applicable and workable.  This idea would obviously be invaluable in bringing about the change society not only desperately needs, but indeed is outright demanding.  The Way to Happiness is this idea.

The Way to Happiness is a non-religious, commonsense moral code that can be used by any individual, in any community anywhere on earth, in order to improve conditions around them and in their own life.  Comprised of twenty-one easy-to-understand and apply precepts, this booklet absolutely has the power to restore commonsense values across the world simply by helping individuals to understand the benefits of undertaking certain actions while abstaining from others.  With everything from “Honor and Help Your Parents” to “Do Not Murder,” these precepts effectively address the many sources of moral decay that currently tear lives asunder.

By placing a copy of The Way to Happiness into the hands of as many individuals as possible, The Way to Happiness Foundation seeks to lead a grassroots movement that will help restore the basic commonsense values that are necessary to a thriving society.  Individuals who read this book are often struck by its simplicity and power to change lives, and are eager to spread it with others in their lives.  Like ripples in a pond, a little truth can go a long way, and that’s all The Way to Happiness seeks to do–spread truth so individuals can recognize it and use it.