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The Way to Happiness—Reprint


With a reprint license you pay $0.10 royalty per copy. Select how many you would like license to print (example: a license to print 1,000 copies would be 1,000 x .10 = $100.00)

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How to Do a Reprint

1. Purchase your Reprint License Online Enter the amount you wish to print multiplied by .10  (Example 300 books multiplied by .10 = $30.00) After you have made your purchase you will be returned to this page.

2. Download the “License to Print The Way to Happiness books for distribution,” fill out the form, and mail to:

The Way to Happiness Foundation International
201 E. Broadway, Glendale, CA 91205

Or you may also contact us by email—[email protected]—or you may call us toll free at 1-800-255-7906 in the U.S., or at 818-254-0600.

3. You can choose a design from our templates at:  Custom Covers Page or we will design a Personalized Edition cover for you for a fee or you can design your own Personalized Edition cover per our design specifications.

Download the License and get started NOW!


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